HOW TO BECOME ONE OF WORLD'S TOP 5 ECONOMIES: JackMaNews (10/17) DAMO Academy will change world's human 1 values of -1 data intelligence, 2 the Internet of Things, 3 fintech, 4 quantum computing : ALQ & 5 human-machine interaction-will yours be one of the first 7 DamoCity along with AliBaba's supercity Hangzhou (inaugural 40000 person comp summit, host china g20)? - will half the innovation be led by girls? correspondence rsvp (at project of Norman Macrae Family Foundation) if you search out a superapp story worthy of worldwide youth celebrations .. 21st c logistics netpreneurs 10T MIT

DAMO (Discovery Adventure Momentum Outlook) to attract world-class talent, build partnerships and open research laboratories in seven cities around the globe..Its research areas will cover data intelligence, the Internet of Things, fintech, quantum computing and human-machine interaction. Within those areas, it will focus on real-world applications like machine learning, network security, visual computing and Natural Language Processing. Intro to Tech Concerning AI blockchain -off site reddit:neo

Do you know top 10 ways your kids can be imagineering jobs and happy lives?: 1 friend mapping 2 additive manufacturing 3 sensors everywhere 4 type 2 blockchains =big-data-community-app'd 5 robots with more memory than university full of professors 6 everyone's a shopkkeper as well as customer 7 everyones a teacher as well as student as well as coder 8 to 10 - utellus

Friday, December 31, 1971

mainly mit

+ There’s a growing anti-Amazon vibe in cities competing to host the firm’s HQ2.
++ France is chasing Google and Apple for “abusive commercial practices.”
California wants the toughest net neutrality rules.
A draft state law would be even stricter than the federal rules it aims to replace.
The news: Ars Technica says California state senator Scott Weiner introduced a bill to create a stiffer net neutrality law than the national one the FCC is scrapping.
Details: The bill forbids ISPs from blocking or throttling traffic like the old rules. It also bans zero-rating, where firms pay ISPs to avoid counting towards data caps.
Why it matters: What happens in the Golden State often influences other parts of the US. Meanwhile, plenty of states are drawing up their own net neutrality rules.

Robotics and AI are driving rapid change across all industries. What skills will be valued in this new era? 

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Ten Fascinating Things
Our roundup of today's top tech news to get you thinking and debating.
Prosthetics with a sixth sense
Amputees can sense the position of an artificial limb without looking. (Wired)
Siri, say something smart for once
AI assistants say the dumbest things. We’re about to find out why. (TR)
+ How Siri has became somewhat of a dud for Apple. (The Information $)
Infrastructure hacks, incoming?
Security researchers fear a repeat of last year’s industrial plant attacks. (NYT)
Building sites of the future
In Japan, driverless earth-movers take orders from drones. (New Scientist $)
There’s another kind of opioid crisis
Turns out US hospitals are facing a shortage of the pain relief. (Stat)
AI translation from Chinese to English
Microsoft now does it with news articles as well as humans do. (TechCrunch)
Early smart home adopters
A fascinating glimpse into their lives—and psyches. (Curbed)
A good kind of quantum noise?
We could control the workings of quantum computers using sound. (Science)
10 organs in the palm of your hand
A body-on-a-chip will help researchers test early-stage drugs in the lab. (TR)

mit conference on ai -speakers


The innovators at the heart of the next wave of the digital revolution are here.
Hide Speakers
  • Joseph

    President, Northeastern University
    Robot-Proof: Higher Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
  • Regina

    Delta Electronics Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT
  • James

    Cofounder and CTO, Kindred AI
  • Jessica

    Director, Vrai Pictures
    Engineering Creativity: Machines as Co-creators
  • Jason

    Professor of the Practice of Economic Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
    Automation and the Future of Work: Will This Time Be Different?
  • Tom

    CEO, IAM Robotics
  • Jenn

    Digital HKS Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School
    Engaging People in Crafting the Future of Work
  • John

    Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, MIT; Cofounder, Desktop Metal
    Reimagining the Factory Floor
  • Gideon

    Editor in Chief, MIT Technology Review
  • Greg

    Founder and CEO, Markforged
    The Next Generation of 3-D Printing
  • Iyad

    Associate Professor, MIT
  • David

    Editor, MIT Technology Review
  • Sanjay

    Vice President for Open Learning, MIT
    The Future of Education
  • Julie

    Associate Professor, MIT
    Robot See, Robot Do: Exploring Human-Machine Collaboration
  • Brad

    President, Microsoft
    The Future Computed
  • Stefanie

    Assistant Professor, Brown University
  • Melonee

    CEO, Fetch Robotics
    Affordable Robots for the Warehouse and Beyond
  • Elizabeth

    Senior Editor for Business, MIT Technology Review

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