HOW TO BECOME ONE OF WORLD'S TOP 5 ECONOMIES: JackMaNews (10/17) DAMO Academy will change world's human 1 values of -1 data intelligence, 2 the Internet of Things, 3 fintech, 4 quantum computing : ALQ & 5 human-machine interaction-will yours be one of the first 7 DamoCity along with AliBaba's supercity Hangzhou (inaugural 40000 person comp summit, host china g20)? - will half the innovation be led by girls? correspondence rsvp (at project of Norman Macrae Family Foundation) if you search out a superapp story worthy of worldwide youth celebrations .. 21st c logistics netpreneurs 10T MIT

DAMO (Discovery Adventure Momentum Outlook) to attract world-class talent, build partnerships and open research laboratories in seven cities around the globe..Its research areas will cover data intelligence, the Internet of Things, fintech, quantum computing and human-machine interaction. Within those areas, it will focus on real-world applications like machine learning, network security, visual computing and Natural Language Processing. Intro to Tech Concerning AI blockchain -off site reddit:neo

Do you know top 10 ways your kids can be imagineering jobs and happy lives?: 1 friend mapping 2 additive manufacturing 3 sensors everywhere 4 type 2 blockchains =big-data-community-app'd 5 robots with more memory than university full of professors 6 everyone's a shopkkeper as well as customer 7 everyones a teacher as well as student as well as coder 8 to 10 - utellus

Friday, November 30, 1984

additive manufacturing aka 3d printing, main sister cities boston fablab

what's ,miraculous about additive manufacturing? Until quite recently everything makers enginerred took natural resources and cut stuff out - whether that mas michaelangelo's statues chissling away at marble or cars made out of steel - makers/engineers cut stuff out

additive manufactiring or 3d printing makes stuff by adding materials
- your computer (coding, multi-dimensional xraying etc) can 3d print something as large as a house or part of an airplane that previously welded togther say 14 separtae pieces

while the technology is moving very fast its at a perfect time to imagineer or prototype

what's temporaily holding this up?
when you make a part for an air engine or an organ for a body you need standard authorietoes to certify the quality is 100%

the speed at which the computer can additive mix susbtrates is doubling every few months but can still seem slow for mass production

although hobbyists can but 3d printers from 100 dolars u, the size involved in 3d printing eg a house is something else- why isnt there one of tehse in every community college? why isnt this miracle drawing more crowds than a pop concert? I dont really know but you can bet any 11 year old who doesnt know how to imagineer with 3d printing will be missing a key creative literacy- ultimatelky for 2 reasons : there are extremly few teachers who have read what you have just read; like so much engineering most of the learning cant be done in theoretical classrooms

we are hera to learn - how would you edit this? any suggestions used will be linked to your nominated twitter, linkedin, emil or text - thanks

fablab sister cities include boston, shenzhen, ( chengdu )
fablab usually connect everything makers may co-create including
additive manufacturing
sensors in everything - from extextiles to internet of things
ecommerce as everyine's a shopkeeper as well as buyer, and supply chain monitor

whenever partners pof china connect gateway cities at bodrers of nations that previously did not know how to win-win trade, china usually suggest celebrating with a youth hub uniting youth from both nations- clearly fablabs are one of the most fun spaces to co-createte as are all the arttistic and cultural fusion possibilities of this new connectivity

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