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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

year of 2018 and beyond

it seemed wise to put these 10 year on reviews of 2008 the year that blockchain started; the year that china became rejuvenated by the big 3 BAT (Baidu-Alibaba-Tencent)

10 years on china has 10000 plus startups a week - we need help mapping 2 diffenernt groups

Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from Financial Times

Chinese tech groups look for edge in using artificial intelligence

Financial Times-Dec 17, 2017
As the quest to master artificial intelligence intensifies, China's tech trio of BaiduAlibaba and Tencent have a distinct advantage over their Silicon Valley rivals — data. As Robin Li, chairman and chief executive of Baidu, says: “Baidu knows you better than you know yourself.” BaiduAlibaba and Tencent, ...
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from Seeking Alpha

JD.Com: Being Alibaba's Biggest Rival Is An Asset Not A Liability

Seeking Alpha-Dec 28, 2017
JD has formed close partnership with almost every firm which is not Alibaba. From TencentBaidu (NASDAQ:BIDU), Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT), NetEase (NASDAQ:NTES), Sogou Inc and Qihoo 360. It recently entered into partnership with ICBC, largest bank in the world by total assets, to offer digital banking ...
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from Fortune

Commentary: Why Silicon Valley Can't Get Complacent About China

Fortune-Dec 6, 2017
The Chinese government recently announced its intention to catch up to the U.S. by 2020, surpass it by 2025, and dominate the industries of AI by 2030, with the help of its homegrown tech giants BaiduAlibaba, and TencentBaidu is a pioneer in the AI field, with over 60 different AI services known as ...
China flexes its muscles as a digital world power
Opinion-Bangkok Post-Dec 6, 2017
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from South China Morning Post

Taobao, Tencent and Baidu lead the technology companies that ...

South China Morning Post-Dec 5, 2017
Technology companies and banks have the most valuable brands in China, as Alibaba's e-commerce platform Taobao held onto the top spot from the company's rivals, Tencent and Baidu, in the latest brand value rankings by Shanghai-based media and research firm, the Hurun Report. The top 10 brands ...
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from The Edge Markets MY
The Edge Markets MY

Alibaba Teams Up with Two Media Giants

Motley Fool-Dec 20, 2017
Alibaba is primarily known for its Tmall and Taobao e-commerce marketplaces, but the company is also trying to expand its cloud services ecosystem against Tencent, which dominates the country's social media market with WeChat, and Baidu, China's top internet search provider. Streaming video remains ...
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from Mumbrella Asia

Will the BATs – BaiduAlibaba and Tencent – own the future?

Mumbrella Asia-Dec 12, 2017
Hence sometimes the insight can be as plain as day, and none more so than the advancements driven from BaiduAlibaba, and Tencent – known colloquially as the BATs. Commonly compartmentalised as the Chinese search engine, eTailer and social giant, the behind-the-scenes transformation being ...
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from The Tri-County Press

Global Live Streaming Platform Market 2017 – TencentAlibaba ...

The Tri-County Press-Dec 28, 2017
Global Live Streaming Platform Market 2017-2022 Research Report gives detailed information of Live Streaming Platform Industry Size and Share in globe. The Live Streaming Platform Market Report contains data that is collected from various primary and secondary resources. The data collected was ...
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from TechNode

China's answer to Tesla just won two financing deals in one month ...

TechNode-Dec 22, 2017
Weltmeister's total financing has now reached RMB 12 billion. The electric automobile sector seems to become the new hot sector for tech, and Chinese tech giants BaiduAlibaba, and Tencent have all poured money into the industry. It's worth noting that Tencent has invested in both NIO and Weltmeister.
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from Yahoo Singapore News
Yahoo Singapore News

If you don't own at least one internet stock in China, you may be ...

Motley Fool-Dec 24, 2017
In China, only three companies possess the requisite data: search leader Baidu, Inc. (NASDAQ:BIDU) Alibaba, and Tencent. Of the three, Baidu is widely believed to have the most advanced AI in the country, having begun its research more than six years ago. Baidu hired noted AI expert and Stanford ...
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from South China Morning Post

Shanghai subway to use Alibaba voice and facial recognition ...

South China Morning Post-Dec 5, 2017
The subway system in the Chinese city of Shanghai will bring in voice and facial recognition technologies developed by e-commerce firm Alibaba ... He pointed out, however, that “these would not be enough to differentiate Alibaba from the AI solutions being developed by BaiduTencent and Huawei”..
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from Caixin Global

Alibaba Will Make Car Software, Not Cars

Caixin Global-Dec 11, 2017
Alibaba's moves come at a time when the country's internet giants, including TencentHoldings Ltd. and Baidu Inc., have all rushed into the auto industry. Baidu has its own in-car system, CarNet, which provides location-based services through Baidu Maps. And Tencent has its hardware product, Lubao Box, ...
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from The Market Mogul

Chinese Tech Focuses on AI

The Market Mogul-Dec 20, 2017
On China's Singles Day, Alibaba deployed AI solutions to generate over 400m personalised banner ads that catered for an individual's tastes and purchasing ... Additionally, while western governments are restricting what data tech companies can collect, BaiduTencent and Alibaba face no such hurdles.
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from

China's mobile economy: from 'Made in China' to 'Innovated in China' 22, 2017
The BAT companies (BaiduAlibabaTencent) are regarded as the Big Three in search, e-commerce and social messaging. They are expanding into each others' turfs as well as other sectors like group-buying, food delivery, taxi-hailing, healthcare, finance, advertising, media and even connected cars.
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from Wall Street Journal

Tech Titans Wage War in China's Next Internet Revolution

Wall Street Journal-Dec 21, 2017
In recent years, tech titans Alibaba Group Holding and Tencent Holdings have competed across a range of mobile internet businesses. Now the duopoly that has defined China's internet is going to war. Industry watchers got a whiff of the brewing conflict earlier this month at the World Internet Conference, ...
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from Hollywood Reporter

China Power List: 10 Must-Know Execs for Doing Business in the ...

Hollywood Reporter-Dec 1, 2017
In recent years, the trifecta of Chinese internet giants known as BAT — search giant BaiduAlibaba and Tencent — each announced that entertainment content would become a core component of their company's offerings, but Tencent (which also has a content partnership with THR) by far has been the ...
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from WIRED

Inside Baidu's Bid to Lead the AI Revolution

WIRED-Dec 6, 2017
But for many years, as Tencent and Alibaba have grown, Baidu has been losing ground. This stems from one big screw-up. While AlibabaTencent, and others developed products like WeChat that enticed Chinese internet users to fall in love with their phones, Baidu clung stubbornly to desktops.
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from Global Times

Internet giants on prowl for acquisitions

Global Times-Dec 12, 2017
Customers go shopping at a branch of Yonghui Superstores in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang Province. Photo: IC. The nation's top Internet companies - Baidu Inc, Alibaba Group Holding and Tencent Holdings, collectively known as BAT - are taking their competition to another level by seeking ...
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from Xconomy

Amid Global Race for AI Talent, China's Tencent Sets Up Seattle Lab

Xconomy-Dec 14, 2017
In November, the Chinese government tapped Tencent, along with two of China's other Internet titans, Baidu and Alibaba Group, for a “national team” to build “open innovation platforms” in various A.I. fields, according to a report in the South China Morning Post, citing a Chinese Ministry of Science and ...
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from The Market Mogul

Didi Gets a $56bn Valuation

The Market Mogul-Dec 22, 2017
BaiduTencent and Alibaba have reaffirmed their commitment to AI. China's tech titans each consider AI to be one of the pillars of their strategy going forward. Each has also set up a network of labs devoted to testing AI at home in China as well as abroad. On China's Singles Day, Alibaba deployed AI ...

China surging ahead as digital powerhouse

The Straits Times-Dec 18, 2017
Powering China's impressive progress in the digital economy are Internet giants like AlibabaBaidu and Tencent, which are commercialising their services on a massive scale, and bringing new business models to the world. Together, these three companies have 500 million to 900 million active monthly ...
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from DEALSTREETASIA

Alibaba video arm signs agreements with NBCUniversal and Sony

Seeking Alpha-Dec 14, 2017
Youku subscribers will have access to hundreds of films from the studios for an additional fee. The content expansion follows last month's deal with Netflix to distribute Chinese series Day and Night. Youku needs to diversify its content to hold off rising competition from Baidu and TencentAlibaba acquired ...
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from Motley Fool

Big Chinese tech stocks are booming. Could this private company ...

Motley Fool-Dec 12, 2017
Investors all over the world have been discovering Chinese stocks this year, and why not? The leading Chinese tech companies, AlibabaTencentBaidu, and have all been on incredible runs. The Chinese e-commerce industry is booming as much of the country's 1.3 billion citizens are now just ...
Story image for alibaba baidu tencent from Reuters

Breakingviews - Tencent health push shows sneaking hubris ...

Reuters-Dec 14, 2017
China's internet trio - TencentAlibaba and Baidu – and insurance giants like Ping An are moving in. For Tencent's part, it already partners with networks of hospitals and doctors facilitating payments and appointments through its popular WeChat messaging app. The Shenzhen giant has pushed further...

Why the Auto Industry Is the Next Battlefield for Tech Tycoons

Sixth Tone-Dec 3, 2017
For China's “big three” tech companies — BaiduAlibaba, and Tencent, collectively known as “BAT” — cars are poised to become the next generation of computing centers. None of these firms want to be playing catch-up when this trend starts to gain real traction. While China's tech companies are moving ...


are the china unicorns different from western unicors

the startups that are far more united on one platform than any can indidually be- american has never really got started with the social revolution sustainability youth need to be because its  doesnt understand social models hubs lots of pieces together not value one by one - this goes back to the excitement around which lasted for about one year in 1999

meanwhile this is raher a we=stern review of next year

Smart Home Technology Grows

, the “home of the future.” Stephen Cox, Chief Security Architect at SecureAuth, foresees smart home technology continuing to expand the boundaries of what we can automate.
“Smart home technology has evolved by leaps and bounds the past few years,” he says, “and I’m excited to see what 2018 holds. It’s become very easy to interconnect devices within your home in meaningful ways, for instance adding voice controls to your home theater setup. Products like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are just amazing additions to the home for so many reasons, from home automation to a learning tool.

I smile every time one of my children ask our Echo an inquisitive question burning in their minds. Then, I put my security guy hat on and worry about the implications of connecting dozens of devices to our home networks, many developed by vendors lacking strong security discipline.”

Biometric Security Rolls Out

Looking back over the year, most techies would cite the iPhone X face ID demo at Apple’s annual September event as one of the most exciting new technologies of 2017. The experts agree that Face ID and the biometric scanning behind it will only grow more important in 2018.

More Cryptocurrency Mining

Another trend Cox is keeping an eye on: The mining of cryptocurrency. Given Bitcoin’s power — the currency’s value has risen 500 percent since last July — cryptocurrency is easily the tech sector that saw the biggest rise in fortunes in 2017.

Cyber-Warfare Gets Deadly

We’ve seen plenty of massive data breaches and virus attacks across 2017, but the impact of these events will only get worse in 2018, according to the experts.

Continued Job Automation

Automated processes, from self-driving trucks to smart voice assistants, are changing the type of tasks workers are required to do across untold industries, and in an increasing amount of cases, 
But as the job market tightens in some areas, another possibility is becoming a large option for small businesses: micro-services.

A Shift Toward Micro-Services

This prediction comes in a joint statement from Sol Cates, CTO & VP of technical strategy at Thales eSecurity, and Jim DeLorenzo, solutions marketing manager at Thales eSecurity.
“There has been a significant shift towards micro-services in the technology space,” they say, “which has increased in popularity in the last couple of years, and is increasingly becoming the starting point for any newly designed application. Organizations are now starting to invest more widely in this framework.”
Due to this wider investment, they go on state, organizations will likely develop a stronger desire for more secure micro-services.

More Monetization of Data Assets

A prediction from the realm of big data comes through a statement by data and analytics software provider Infogix, which plans on seeing data itself being increasingly monetized. How? 

The IoT Gets Real

Also from Infogix comes the assertion that the Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to grow. It’s a prediction that can be seen in the data, given the steady increase of internet-connected devices in use.
“Each passing year,” Infogix  says, “marks an increase in the number of connected devices generating data and there is a steep rise in focusing on extraction of insights from this data. We are starting to see more and more defined IoT use cases leveraging data—from newer connected devices like sensors, and drones for analytics initiatives. With this, there is a growing demand for streaming data ingestion and analysis.”
Jeff Kavanaugh, senior manufacturing partner at the similarly-named Infosys, backs this one up, noting the benefit this will have business growth. “The exponential adoption of IoT will drive down sensor and acquisition costs, enabling more and more viable business cases that have previously been too expensive,” he says.
John Grimm of Thales Security, too, comes at a similar prediction from a different angle: He highlights the consolidation that he believes the IoT — and its “over 300-400 platform products” — will undergo in 2018.
“We will start to see an acceleration of consolidation,” he says Meanwhile, consumers everywhere won’t need to have a smartphone glued to their hand in order to remain connected: Voice assistants, thermostats, and, in some cases, wine bottles, will be internet-connected.

AI Hits the Design Field

Artificial intelligence can benefit any industry that currently uses the regular kind of intelligence, and that’s all of them. As Mike Fitzmaurice, Vice President of Workflow Technology at Nintex, sees it, 2018 is “the year artificial intelligence and machine learning actually become packaged and provided to the average end-user in ways that do not require a Computer Science degree.” But out of the many ecosystems that will be increasingly their reliance on AI in 2018, one stands out as particularly interesting: The design sector.
“The overlap of data and design is an established and continuing trend, says Mark Baldino, cofounder of UX design firm Fuzzy Math. “With AI still in its infancy, UX and AI are miles apart, and we’re just now starting to see the work being done on them concurrently. As society wrestles with the implications of AI, design can and will play a part, with some of the implications between the two being rather immense.

We predict in 2018, we’ll begin seeing the implementation of tools for the design of AI as well a design language for it. We currently rely on old tools and interactions (or visualizations of data) to make sense of this, but 2018 should see strides in solving this. We may even see AI playing a role in helping designers design better, by utilizing data and algorithms to augment design capabilities.”

We Need to Look at the Big Picture

Infosys’s Jeff Kavanaugh has this statement, which is less of a prediction and more of a truism about how bad humans tend to be at changing their habits.
“The pace of change has exceeded the rate of human capability to absorb – the cup is already full,” Kavanaugh predicts. “In 2018, the real issue is how to increase the ability for people to understand the changes and their implications more clearly, and to take concrete actions to take advantage of the potential upside.”

Read more about the most interesting future trends in tech on TechCo

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