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Monday, November 12, 2012

dear rami
could i introduce you to naila who has been one of yunus number 1 advisers on technology since start of grameen phone; i checked with her over weekend; she would be happy to help in any way that could linkin youth like you to professor yunus student competitions
cheers chris
naila this 2 pager is presentation rami made at yunus oregon competition on 1st october OR2 PSU_Open%20Source%20Medical.pdf -links
ps i also chatted to bhuiyan over weekend and he is longing for yor to call - open tech is the missing link given hbus have brilliant permissions in societies/communities but not the sort of resources MIT students get access to with berners lee , media lab, legatum convergence of major mobile philantropists; the president of tuskegge who has hired bhuiyan to co-create a new university in alabama is an MIT alumn; currently the head of the media lab in MIT is the japanese wizard joi ito -mit has beome nmber 1 job creating alumni network in world through 25 yeras of development of student entrepreneur competitions and patient capital approaches
sean/kazi - any way for yunus competition youth across usa to folow up vienna stream of grameen intel - given that yunus main tech lab is in japan, i assume the 12000 live student event in tokyo on 30 january will come up with a lot of tech projects - would love to see whole issue of journal of social business on open tech
Dear Yunus The Economist
FROM: Muhammad Yunus
Thank you Chris. Vienna Summit went extremely well. Now we'll have to focus on the young people.
Job creation should be at the centre of our attention.



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