HOW TO BECOME ONE OF WORLD'S TOP 5 ECONOMIES: JackMaNews (10/17) DAMO Academy will change world's human 1 values of -1 data intelligence, 2 the Internet of Things, 3 fintech, 4 quantum computing : ALQ & 5 human-machine interaction-will yours be one of the first 7 DamoCity along with AliBaba's supercity Hangzhou (inaugural 40000 person comp summit, host china g20)? - will half the innovation be led by girls? correspondence rsvp (at project of Norman Macrae Family Foundation) if you search out a superapp story worthy of worldwide youth celebrations .. 21st c logistics netpreneurs 10T MIT

DAMO (Discovery Adventure Momentum Outlook) to attract world-class talent, build partnerships and open research laboratories in seven cities around the globe..Its research areas will cover data intelligence, the Internet of Things, fintech, quantum computing and human-machine interaction. Within those areas, it will focus on real-world applications like machine learning, network security, visual computing and Natural Language Processing. Intro to Tech Concerning AI blockchain -off site reddit:neo

Do you know top 10 ways your kids can be imagineering jobs and happy lives?: 1 friend mapping 2 additive manufacturing 3 sensors everywhere 4 type 2 blockchains =big-data-community-app'd 5 robots with more memory than university full of professors 6 everyone's a shopkkeper as well as customer 7 everyones a teacher as well as student as well as coder 8 to 10 - utellus

Monday, June 6, 2016

this is a great mail spencer thanks- 

of the few real-time change world dynamics i study diary complexity is number 1- tell me if you are ever travelling up to new york and i will try and get john kiehl to see you-  in effect his media studio in broadway   is the greatest unknown youth hub of all - amy for example makes it her home hub whenever she feels free of other burdens; the timeline of 1776 comes to brooklyn may be supercity new york's greatest chance to  be on par with berkeleley and mit in terms of  linking in coders of sustainable youth

 i think i am correct in saying that the worldwide friendships amy tries to link the future of  chinese women to depend on informally and joyfully coinvenng the club that coders and their projects most want to be in if they regenerate community   or green or leapfrog missing infrastructure - john also sponsored a 5 day open space on MIT his alma mater on forming such a club -apart from the beauty and the beast if ever there was a 25 yera  old younger female jack MA it  would be AMy -the future of china should be so lucky   - the leapfrogging of education is sustainability ctritical -that depends on Amy and the Abed family understanding global youth in time to linkin jack ma or andrew ng or the quadir brothers (MIT and dubai'sdesign group of all the world's largest cashless bannks for the poor) or the other bangladesh-american sal khan -then supercoders global youth club will never look back

anyhow sam or amy will doubtless correct me if i have misunderstood her  all star youth tv production potential; i expect frances couild equally be africas good news tv anchor though i have 80 journalist friends in paris who think they already do that Africa24 | La première chaîne mondiale d'information pour l'Afrique   -go to Your Top Engagement Opportunities Directory - Find Your Top Engagement Opportunities and when it asks you what you want choose all star youth and the program yourself to be in  that if you choose

chris macrae dc 240 316 8157

sadly november 2015 was when ted turner cnn family were going to reeherase which of 15000 african amerucan students made the best green, rights and peace and social business news caster to  link in atlanta with rome and jim kim and everyone valuing youth but then the 100 historically black university presidents and muhammad yunus quarreled over  who was top dog and as always youth's future was the greatest loser, and real community heroes like rosa parks lawyer were left legless to youth

From: Spencer Deese <spencer@
Subject: Re: introducing john kiehl spencer and friends

Admired Colleagues of Chris,

Chris, first and foremost, thank you for thinking of me, it is always a pleasure to see your name pop up in my inbox.

Chris is on point; the company I serve, The Community Company, is developing a community building tool called Loop. We work out of the 1776 Crystal City Campus and would be happy to host anyone who would like to learn more. I've attached a brief summary of our company (there are pictures, I promise).

My cell phone number is 202.386.0769 feel free to call me anytime. My schedule has become increasingly complex and I've found phone calls to be the most conducive communication method given my time constraints.

Cheers to all,

Spencer Michael Deese
Co-founder & CEO
c. 202.386.0769

From: christopher macrae <>

Dear John kiehl

Thought of you friday as spencer was presenting loop to sam and me at 1776  incubator (a co-work space where 50 coding teams are developing projects)

I think spencers project connects with your 5 day festival at MIT on where are the coders of anything but big is better. Loop aims to revitalise trade to local stores at whole community levels

However it is also above my paygrade as its next stage needs a heavy slug of coding

Also 1776 is coming to brookyn navy yard so maybe the relationships we built with black brooklyn youth wont be entirely lost. In fact i am pretty sure baltimore has innovated a missing piece that all supercity development needs black youth to co-share

best chris macrae 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

global youth friends and i would like to help develop an educators summit on the future of girls attended by as many of sir fazle's top supportsrs as possible and within 24 hours girls hackathon

given the roots of my family - and how closely adam smith's systems purpose fits sir fazle's - the easiest place to host such an event is glasgow univeristy sir fazle's alma mater,

 but unless that fits sir fazle's diary ;later this year , it would be great to know where his other favorite places for such an event might be during the next 12 months or so

maybe i am biassed but my family's diaries show that wherever communities start losing sustainability, girls are the greatest losers


chris macrae

ps china's female global youth tour reached london last week and hit a few nerves in media world

teds on edu