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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Global Value Chains - who are they for

while different terminologies exist - here are 2 opposite types of value chian- which do you wnat your life connecetd by?
big data is for big orgs
global markets and channels are for big organisations
big data for small entrepreneurs is the most critical innovation if sustainability of all local communities is goal of going global

analysis should clarify what is the most sustainable purpose any market sector's value exchange can be designed around - and then look at the role of small and large enterprsies- historically over 75% of innovations that have improved the human lot started with small teams of people - the issue of how to scale this or whether there is a platform so thst small enterprsies with brilliant products are virally recommended is critical

exponential consequences are the most important metrics in networking age - wherever markets igonore this risks compound at boundaries where no parthen in the network takes responsibility for how risk grows exponentially resulting in disaster

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