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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mariya Yao (TOPBOTS) <>
25 Apr at 09:09

Presented by TOPBOTS // April 25, 2018 // Issue 90
Hi everyone! Last week we set up social communities and discussion forums for TOPBOTS readers to engage with each other to share content and knowledge. Join the conversation at Applied AI For Business, our Facebook group
One topic of discussion we covered this week is how business leaders should evaluate the performance of machine learning models. Often you'll see the media report that "an AI was able to achieve 95% accuracy" on some task, without any further clarification.

A common mistake made by non-technical executives is to over-focus on misleading metrics such as accuracy without understanding the importance of other evaluation metrics like precision & recall. Case in point: If 1% of the population has a disease, then a naive model that predicts everyone is healthy is 99% accurate, but the recall numbers would show you the model is worthless for your intended task of identifying patients who need treatment.

If you're not already familiar with precision and recall, here's a beginner-level article that covers the tradeoffs between accuracy, precision, and recall and also goes into details about F-Scores and ROC Curves. If you prefer to learn from video, here's a YouTube video that makes the concepts clear too. 

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Google's Dialogflow Enterprise helps businesses create AI-powered chatbots
Google's Dialogflow Enterprise Edition was officially released after months in beta, continuing the internet giant's foray into the ever-widening conversational interface field. The tech is specifically designed for people without expertise in the field, so that companies can take advantage of it in a variety of ways. TECHREPUBLIC.COM

Two Facebook & Google geniuses are combining search & AI to transform HR
Ashutosh Garg, a former search and personalization expert at Google and IBM research, and chief technology officer Varun Kacholia are combining Silicon Valley’s buzziest buzz words — search, artificial intelligence, and big data — into a new technology service aimed at solving nothing less than the problem of how to provide professional meaning in the modern world.

AI researchers are making more than $1 million, even at a nonprofit
Artificial intelligence experts are commanding eye-popping salaries. Including a signing bonus, OpenAI paid its top researcher, Ilya Sutskever, more than $1.9 million in 2016.

Andrew Ng's Machine Learning Yearnings: Chapters 15-19
When you start a new Machine Learning project, how do you pick the most promising directions to work on? These chapters describe the mechanics of the manual error analysis process, which will help you pick the most promising directions for your projects.

Notes from the AI frontier: applications and value of deep learning

An analysis of more than 400 use cases across 19 industries and nine business functions highlights the broad use and significant economic potential of advanced AI techniques.

A simple tool to start making decisions with the help of AI
AI Canvas, a simple decision-making tool, to help incorporate a prediction machine into your decision-making process. Each space on the canvas contains one of the requirements for machine-assisted decision making, beginning with a prediction.

Beyond accuracy: precision & recall
Using the right evaluation metrics for your classification system is crucial. Otherwise, you could fall into the trap of thinking that your model performs well but in reality, it doesn’t. In this post, you will learn why it is trickier to evaluate classifiers, why a high classification accuracy is in most cases not as desirable as it sounds, what are the right evaluation metrics and when you should use them.
How StitchFix turned personal style into a data science problem
Stitch Fix provides a glimpse of how some businesses are already making use of AI-based machine learning to partner with employees for more-effective solutions. A five-year-old online clothing retailer, its success in this area reveals how AI and people can work together, with each side focused on its unique strengths.

What human teams can learn from machine learning marketing algorithms
The biggest AI disruption to marketing comes from machine learning AI application. Smart marketing apps are not actually new, but with AI getting smarter each day, human teams should learn these qualities from marketing algorithms in order to stay relevant.
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