HOW TO BECOME ONE OF WORLD'S TOP 5 ECONOMIES: JackMaNews (10/17) DAMO Academy will change world's human 1 values of -1 data intelligence, 2 the Internet of Things, 3 fintech, 4 quantum computing : ALQ & 5 human-machine interaction-will yours be one of the first 7 DamoCity along with AliBaba's supercity Hangzhou (inaugural 40000 person comp summit, host china g20)? - will half the innovation be led by girls? correspondence rsvp (at project of Norman Macrae Family Foundation) if you search out a superapp story worthy of worldwide youth celebrations .. 21st c logistics netpreneurs 10T MIT

DAMO (Discovery Adventure Momentum Outlook) to attract world-class talent, build partnerships and open research laboratories in seven cities around the globe..Its research areas will cover data intelligence, the Internet of Things, fintech, quantum computing and human-machine interaction. Within those areas, it will focus on real-world applications like machine learning, network security, visual computing and Natural Language Processing. Intro to Tech Concerning AI blockchain -off site reddit:neo

Do you know top 10 ways your kids can be imagineering jobs and happy lives?: 1 friend mapping 2 additive manufacturing 3 sensors everywhere 4 type 2 blockchains =big-data-community-app'd 5 robots with more memory than university full of professors 6 everyone's a shopkkeper as well as customer 7 everyones a teacher as well as student as well as coder 8 to 10 - utellus

Monday, November 30, 2015

preparing english speaking cities with a future 4 youth - baltimore and

balitmore signs upo for musk's Hyperollop
Baltimore orginal socail jutice city of black girls since 1880- the thurgood marsjhall alumni communities
baltimore connectir bey ted leonsis promoise that sports  and tech stars will give bank all across baltimore-dc
baltimore ooen soace for anythin dc cant currently debate on green or other sustainability youth agenda
baltimore joint catalogued with dc's special olympcs of how to aprtner communities o olympics form 2020
baltimre juice - the leading black inspired training netwirk of blockchain and big data small
baltimoire- potentakilly tghe greatest health sevant cross roads - lana wen, hjopkinks, guest appearnces jin mim, thriving young chronics chapter linked to boston global health professionals
baltimore suoerhup round under armor
baltimore one of uS cities pope frabcis and other faith groups are encouraging most
baltimore has a downtoin university, in fact the whole city is downtow
baltimore has ain international airport

Axios Executive Editor Mike Allen hosts a conversation on the collision of infrastructure and innovation in cities of the future including interviews with:
  • The Honorable Mitch Landrieu
    President, U.S. Conference of Mayors
    Mayor, New Orleans
  • The Honorable Eric Garcetti
    Chair, U.S. Conference of Mayors Infrastructure Task Force
    Mayor, City of Los Angeles
  • Dr. Mory Gharib
    Director, Center for Autonomous Systems and Technologies
    California Institute of Technology
  • Mr. Dan Katz
    Director, Global Public Policy and North American Projects
    Hyperloop One
Friday, November 3rd at 8:00 a.m.
Doors open at 7:30 a.m.
Ticket Concourse
Los Angeles Union Station
800 North Alameda Street
whilst i would be happy if any of the 14 us/canada places where i have friends trying to create jobs turn out to get amazon hq2 if they want (eg 50000 gentifried houses in under a year could sink some places i know) i suggest now is an optimal time to get all these places mayors and others who submitted 200 proposals to amazon to combine their best parts - a curriculum of how places can invest in being job ready?

david- if you are down baltimore-dc way ever lets make a start on that with eg al and jayfus and amy and ?harrison
thanks chris  240 316 8157
amazon is due to announce 1 happy new year present and 199 losers

my question appeared on page 33
CM: ( would you explain to me why given that Amazon is looking for tens of thousands highly paid technology networkers, why is it looking for one second headquarters as opposed to, say, Alibaba who’s just announced 15 billion being put into an academywhich looks for 20 cities all over the world? 

MR. McDEARMAN: Maybe they are. It would not be surprising if they go through this process, and come up with multiple locations or that they’re looking out and you’re we’ll start with this net one and given the way we’re growing, we’re going to have to go to the next one. So I wouldn’t rule out that they’re not looking for that because Seattle’s even -- you know, they’re obviously saying by having to go that even as big and successful and techsavvy and headquarters like a Seattle, they probably need to diversify. So your question is a good one. 

MR. McKENNA: And if I could say something critical of the tech industry not that I’m the representative of, but I am a representative of it, is even though we’ve built all this technology to distribute, digital work and all this kind of stuff, we are biased towards location. Just look at Apple’s headquarters. They have just spent billions of dollars to move all of their people from these different -- even it wasn’t enough to be in 10 buildings in Cupertino

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